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Independent, passionate and eager to inspire, Kim has two lovely children and two granddaughters that keep her honest. She has a Masters in Industrial & Organisational Human Resource Psychology and the hope to inspire a generation that can Be The Change before change changes them.

Armed with over 25 years of international business and management experience in the food service industry, Kim has held major commercial roles managing fortune 500 key accounts and senior executive roles leading change through strategic and organisational development, increasing people effectiveness and business performance.

For more details including the ins and outs of Kim's career, accomplishments, testimonials and driving passions, get in touch with Kim here.

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Kim has had to endure true hardship in her lifetime, overcoming tremendous odds to build the life she enjoys today.

At the young age of 15, she had left school to help with family finances. Later, at just 28, she found herself divorced from an abusive marriage, with two young children aged 5 and 1. These were but a few of the challenges she would have to face in her journey to success.

Eventually returning to school at age 33, Kim pushed through 6 years of night school while juggling the responsibility of raising her two young children and holding a full-time job. Her perseverance in personal development, her drive to provide for her young family, and her positive attitude toward life turned out to be the key ingredients that gave her the motivation to Be The Change, before change changed her.


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