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References Category:1963 births Category:Living people Category:Indonesian rock singers Category:Indonesian rock musiciansThe present invention relates to a system for accurately measuring a level of a load supported on a support surface in a container, and more particularly to a level measuring system including a non-contact type displacement gauge. A conventional level measuring system is known which includes a mechanism for detecting a displacement, such as a sliding gauge having a sliding rod and a magnet, a sliding rod having a magnet attached to its upper end, etc., and a displacement detector which outputs a voltage in proportion to the displacement of the sliding gauge or sliding rod. In the measuring system of this kind, a reference position detector is provided for accurately detecting a reference position, e.g., an upper surface or an end surface of a container. In the system, the level is measured by comparing the voltage from the displacement detector with the output from the reference position detector. However, the level measuring system of this kind is such that the magnet attached to the upper end of the sliding rod or the sliding gauge is always located in a non-contact state relative to the reference position detector. Therefore, the level measuring system cannot be applied in a working environment where the container is vibrated or dropped. Also, the reference position detector is provided at a part of the container which is mounted or placed on a support surface, and therefore a positional relationship between the reference position detector and a level to be measured is not always constant. Thus, the level measuring system cannot accurately detect a level of the support surface, and therefore cannot accurately detect the load supported on the support surface.// This code is part of the Fungus library ( // It is released for free under the MIT open source license ( using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Fungus { /// /// A static list that keeps track of all variables public static class VariableList { public static readonly List EmptyList = new List(); } }. Various




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HD Online Player (filem Rock 2005 Full Movie Download)

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