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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

The way you feel inside always shows on the outside

When I talk about presentation, most people automatically assume that I was referring to how they looked and what they wore. While it is important to be presentable and dressed appropriately, presentation is about understanding who you are, how you feel and how you express yourself at all times – do you like what you see and how you appear to others?

When you look in the mirror first thing in the morning, what do you see? Are you aware of how your day is going to turn out? Most of us subconsciously know, but we do not consciously take notice of it.

Are you a lion seeing a cat in the reflection, or is it the other way around?

When we step away from the mirror, do we wear our feelings and emotions on our sleeves, or become somebody else we think others like to see? I say mirror because, besides ourselves and our own reflections, the first person we see could be our spouse, children, parents or room-mates. The way we present ourselves starts from that very moment.

Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction

When you see the first person in the morning, do you acknowledge her positively, do you show any reaction, or were you blunt in your first words? According to Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction, when you greet someone with a smile, you can most certainly guarantee that someone will reciprocate with a smile, except for a few special ones of course.

But if you “woke up on the wrong side of bed”, citing this as an excuse to be grumpy, angry or rude, that person will automatically put up the invincible shield as a protection from what might come from you.

A Little Exercise

Let’s answer three questions truthfully. Relating to the last time you felt bad after a particular situation,

1. What did you do, or say?

2. How did the other person react?

3. Given a chance to undo, what will you do differently?

While this is a simple exercise, it allows us to take note of how we behave around people.

Self-awareness is important

Earlier, when I wrote about seeing ourselves in the mirror, it actually refers to self-awareness. It is important to be conscious and fully aware of ourselves, our feelings and our surrounding environment at all times.

While you may wake up with a miserable feeling that something is going to go very wrong today, the first question to ask yourself is, can you do something about it?

Many people tend to carry that heavy feeling throughout the day. Guess how others see you when you deal with people and the situation at hand? Is that how you wish to present yourself, especially when someone meets you for the first time?

Always remember that first impression counts. The way you feel inside always shows on the outside. As such, presentation comes from inside out, and not outside in.

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